Quality Control Services. Southshore Companies.

Quality Control Services

Southshore has the experience required to manage quality control projects including material sorting, inspection and containment services. We have years of experience working with Tier One automotive suppliers and we understand the bottom line . . . delivering defect free parts to the customer at a competitive price. Additional Southshore value add services include fulfillment, packaging, light manufacturing/assembly and kitting.


  • Visual inspection for non-conforming parts based on your defined specifications
  • Supplier collaboration on operating space and equipment to facilitate and optimize the tasks of material sorting, inspection, containment or re-packing to reduce production downtime
  • Customized project reporting to your specifications including PPHV trend charts and Pareto charts helpful in root cause analysis


  • Perform inbound material inspections based on pre-determined quality specifications of customer engineering and supplier quality personnel
  • Interface with customer engineering and supplier quality personnel to modify quality specifications based on results of initial inspection work
  • Measure part characteristics using variable or attribute gages (go/no-go)


  • Short and long term containment availability
  • Support for controlled shipping (restricted shipping) levels 1 and 2
  • Non-conforming parts containment based on customer and supplier instructions
  • Proper disposition of material out of containment


  • Supply chain cost savings
  • Free up your resources
  • Timely turn around
  • Scrap reduction
  • Reduce or eliminate temporary employees
  • Less handling and inventory carrying cost
  • Material pick up and delivery options available

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